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An assistant produce manager by day, talented illustrator by night. Well, knowing Brian it seems that it all goes hand in hand. “Someone once asked me if I draw the people I see in my sleep and I replied that these were the people I see while I’m awake.” Brian tells us when we asked him about how people can identify his work. Currently, Brian spends a good amount of his time working at Greene Grape Provisions. There, he’s responsible for ordering and prepping locally sourced produce from farms that support sustainable and organic food practices.


PTM: What ties you to your day job?

BT: It puts the food on the table, sorry. I also enjoy cooking and learning about anything related to food.


What we love about the passion that Brian has is that it’s not just about him when it comes to what he lives by. He spoke to us about all of those that are important to him; from his parents, family and friends to other artists that drive and inspire him.



JuiceBoxParty, a hosting community for artists, is a platform originally created by Brian and a few of his friends. He says, “We started as a small group of friends looking for a space to show work.” Now, it includes over 80 local artists and has become a way to showcase up and coming musicians as well. A part from this community driven endeavour, Brian is working on a series of hand drawn illustrations on clothing and objects that he plans on showcasing as a pop-up.


“Seeing the people around me succeed and be happy. I am passionate about my work as a means to help promote the culture.”


PTM: How do you make Part Time work for you?

BT: It helps to motivate me and focus on the priorities. You learn to value time and be more mindful of how you spend it.

PTM: How do you fit your real love and passion into your life?

BT:  I make sure not to get stuck in a routine. I work on a piece as I go and often plan around not making plans. I try not to work on my day off and reserve it for friends and family. This time fuels and reminds you of what you are passionate about.

PTM: How do your day job and your craft connect?

BT: I draw a lot of inspiration from interacting with people from different cultures. Listening to people talk about art and food can sometimes sound similar and especially when it is with the same enthusiasm.


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Taking a look at the style of Brian’s current project it ties much of what he’s talked about into what he’s creating. When I see all of these faces bunched up together closely it shows me how important those interactions and connections are to him. Not only that, but Brian is using objects and clothing as a canvas for his love of the art. These things that people see as necessity in their every day lives are a way for him to stay connected to each individual.

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PTM: What’s your take on this busy lifestyle?

BT: It’s full of stress, uncertainty, and self-loathing but I don’t pursue it for comfort. It’s a meditative lifestyle if you can work with the chaos instead of against it. I believe it’s worth the effort you put into it.

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PTM: Words of encouragement for those in a similar situation?

BT: If you have a vision, there is nothing that can prevent you from making it real. It doesn't matter how fast you move, just keep moving. Be a sponge to the world and grow where you are planted. Treat your day job with the same respect as your passion. A strong work ethic should be applied to everything in your life. If you are a fast food cashier, be a professional fast food cashier. If you are a student, be a professional student. Never underestimate your current situation and always be prepared to share your work. Some of the best opportunities present themselves at the most inopportune time. Take comfort in knowing that we're all going through something together and our similar situations can be seen as a hurdle or as a building block towards your passion, all depending on your own perspective.


"work with the chaos instead of against it"


PTM: Ending comments?

BT: Remember no one was born on purpose, treat other people better than you treat yourself, and leave wherever you go better than you found it.

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