PTM: What is it that connects your art with your 9-5? 

D: Outside of the essentials to live, using Apple products in my personal work connects me to my job. During my time with Apple, I’ve met many creative people with whom I’ve worked with or plan to work in the future. The great people in Apple definitely connect me to my job.

PTM: What is it that you look to spend More Hours with? What are you passionate about and driven by? 

D: I have a passion for learning about people and their interests. Through art, I hope to motivate people to think freely and to appreciate their surroundings.
My daughter and my wife are my biggest inspiration. Friends, in person and on social media have been big inspirations to me. Some role models of mine are Jacob Lawrence, Josef Albers, Kanye West, David Hammons, Ben K. Voss, Kerry James Marshall, Virgil Abloh, Wolfgang Tillmans. There are so many more individuals I could cite that have impacted me in some way.

PTM: How do you make the part time life work for you? Do you find it hard fitting everything into your life?

D: It’s a daily study, and it’s steadily evolving both mentally and physically. I don't feel like I am trying to fit my passion into my life. It has become apart of my lifestyle.


"Follow your dreams and passions, and use the internet."

PTM: Does your passion & your 9-5 make a disconnect or unbalance at times? 

D: Maybe the disconnect is that I can’t physically travel and take photographs while I am working. But I feel they work together at this point in my life, and that is subject to change. 

PTM: Current and/or upcoming major projects? Anything out there people can identify as yours? 

D: “Corner Sculpture”, is my most recent project. It’s a series of photos of a wire hanger sculpture on colored paper. The photos have been released in book form and select photos from the series are in large prints. New photo books and visual experiences coming soon. The Book of Corners in the near future. For upcoming projects go to
For my ongoing series of images follow along on Instagram

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PTM: Anything to end on? 

D: The lifestyle of working for yourself and being driven by your passion requires devoted time, effort, and a lot of patience. 

Follow your dreams and passions, and use the internet.

Be sure to check out Dorrell's journey on instagram. His feed is great, and his photography never ceases to amaze.

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