Singer, songwriter

PTM: What would you say your focus is right now?
E: Writing, recording and collaborating. Also gearing live shows and Getting as much exposure as I can.

PTM: What is it like to maintain that focus?
E: It gets tough sometimes. You're trying to maintain that focus but having to prioritize other things like making money / worrying about financial security for the time can disrupt that focus. It's also difficult because although you're able to get your work out there, there is so much noise out there that you've got to stand out to get some traction. That's where the biggest challenge for me lies, getting those eyes to my work. For me it's also a constant battle of readiness. You practice and practice to be "ready" but there is always that voice wanting to change one aspect or another to achieve the artistic vision in your head.  I can sometimes be an extreme perfectionist, getting so wrapped up in the planning as opposed to getting out and diving head first. Being a creative is filled with uncertainties. There is a list of check marks waiting to be checked off but in no specific order which gets frustrating at times. There's no specific roadmap to follow to get you where you want to be, meaning so many directions to follow that picking just one and sticking to it seems daunting and then you end up stuck and not moving at all.


PTM: What’s something that you love doing?
E: I love seeing/ hearing that my work has had an effect on the people listening. 

PTM: Anything you currently are working on or trying to improve?
E: I’ve been really into sync lately and the idea of tailoring my work for something specific. Also tapping into the visual side of my artistry.

PTM: Are there any current or upcoming major projects for us to check out?
E: Currently I'm working to put out work more consistently- singles, not necessarily related to each other and performing them where I can.


PTM: What does the Part Time motto/lifestyle for a creative me to you?
E: It’s definitely a real thing to me. In my opinion it's a reminder that whatever my current situation is, its NOT my final one but rather what I do Part Time; allowing me to keep my head above water while pursuing my passion. Until that passion transforms into my Full Time destination. 

PTM: Any words of encouragement for those in similar situations?


E: This is sort of me preaching to myself:

Believe in your art, there are so many opportunities waiting but if you don't believe you can do it how can you expect someone else to? Create blinders. Focus on yourself and what you are doing and less on the how. Focus on fully creating that artistic vision in your mind and blur out all of the other noise going on around. Just focus on you.

PTM: What’s next?
E: A bunch of new material releasing this year. Keep up with me on instagram @ezrah_music.