butterfly effect

a property of chaotic systems (such as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system.

Merriam-Webster Definition



Written by Currie
Photography by Manny


Jack Julison is fascinated with the word ‘interim’. Interim, which Merriam-Webster defines as “an intervening of time.”, can directly be associated with the idea of Part Time Mag. What we stand for and why we created this brand started all because of an intervening of time in fact. The thought that our 9-5s are what we do in the interim, at least until we are creating and doing what we love.


We always talk about how we started Part Time Mag and I think that it’s crazy that even after a few years in we find different ways to evolve the meaning. Jack gets it for sure, even though when we talked about the word all she had to say was, “I just think it’s such an amazing word.”


"You ever think about The Butterfly Effect?" Is what we were asked while driving through Jersey before the shoot. When Jack asked I instantly thought of Ashton Kutcher, for obvious reasons, but that's not what she was speaking of. Just a few years ago back in Orlando, Julison's hometown, she was an amazing athlete and on the road to make soccer a huge part of who she would become. She was a pretty good athlete, she says, but suffered an injury that took all of that away. She's who she is today because of that injury we could say it is a catalyst in the story of her journey to New York. What if she hadn’t have gotten that injury? Who would she have become? What could we say would have happened to her if none of the bad happened? I honestly have no idea how many alternate timelines can play out because of this injury but the one we are currently in is going to be amazing thanks to it.


“Frank ocean is a genius”

Julison is one of the most talented singers I've ever had the opportunity to meet. She's even said herself that if not for the injury she would have never picked up on her hidden vocal talent. Recently she covered Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box, linked here, which is incredible and signifies the uniqueness and beauty to her style and voice. Often at times when we play music during a ride Manny and I just play Frank Ocean's entire discography on shuffle, you just can't go wrong with it in most settings. "Frank Ocean is a genius!" After I asked Julison if she liked Ocean and she followed up with adding vocals to some of our favorite songs as they came on.


There are traces of all types of influences in her sound but she still remains herself throughout her music. This isn’t a small feat and is challenging in an age where the internet connects us all to unlimited amounts of media in a matter of seconds. Jack says her style and subject matter is predominantly her perspective or her own story and that is how she likes to create for now. It’s not easy being open in your work but Julison does it well and beautifully through her music.


Jack Julison is currently finishing up a major project and we are eager to see what happens next. We've been lucky enough to get an exclusive new song from her titled Golden Gate please make sure to check it out here and follow Julison on Instagram and Bandcamp.




Cheers to all the butterflies that were effected in order to get us here.