JAPAN, no one.


The year is 2017 and it's time to make moves. Not really sure how to start this out...

I always wanted to go to Japan.

You remember what it was like watching AKIRA for the first time?
[We jump back, you know like in the movies, to you being a kid and watching it for the first time]

(All photos taken with 35mm Ilford XP2 400)

Until seeing that, for me, all cartoons had no true storyline. I mean, as a kid you don't care much about storylines but it was something about it that stood out from American Cartoons.
Could've been the kid blowing up people with his mind.

Last year was weird for me man. I went through points feeling like the shit and immediately feeling like shit. It's odd the way emotional stability works, or doesn't.

Girlfriend and I get my first passport, together. We make plans for my first trip overseas to be Japan, together. I start working on photography to keep myself busy, alone. I start hanging with friends more frequently and less with you to be alone.

I break up with my girlfriend.


There's this one song that always takes me back to my first day in Osaka:
A woman is walking her bike on the same path as I am but towards me. Her daughter, I assume, just out of school walking beside her playing with her toy. Not sure why they're not riding on the bike. There's a basket on the front wheel for her things and a seat for the little girl on the back. She stops to let the girl play but instead of looking at her phone or something she takes some photos of her with her 35mm Camera. I have my Pentax on me, hoping she notices.

We both say hi. We both take our photos...

I really love Japan.

That song I mentioned isn't even that long, which sucks. Osaka is what I think about most when I recall my time in Japan. I couldn't really tell you why that is. Aside from the cars and the guys at the shrine these are all photos from the time I spent there.

I guess Osaka felt the most real to me.

It was the only time in Japan I spoke to people, outside of the regular interactions. Crazy, but in Osaka I found a western bar with a German bartender and an Irish conspiracy theorist. When I was there I didn't realize how much I really cared about being in Osaka. Having gone there after Tokyo it felt boring at the time. I hope that these photos can tell this all better than I can.

It's like I was looking for something inside of something. That's the only way I can put it into words.


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