The Pleasure's Mine.

photo by  Manny

photo by Manny

It really is... Part of what I love about free-writing is that my thoughts don't really have to make sense, or be sequenced or structured. I can just ramble on til it all makes sense. I'll try not to do that here, but I will exercise being more expressive. I'm the founder of First Klass Breakfast; a platform I use to showcase new music from up and comers, established talent, and things I genuinely feel should be seen by all. Since that has more structure, it can feel confining. Part Time Mag is where I get to let my nuts hang...creatively, of course.

Aight, so boom. I'll get more personal in this space. I'll share photos of trips I've taken, trips I wanna take, personal developments, some work from FKB of course, and whatever else that may come to mind. The idea of Part Time started out so authentic, and the thoughts and views shared here will uplift that spirit. Cheers to whatever follows. The Pleasure's mine.

Reggie Ekokobe